Get Connected: 50 Tips from SAP Analytics

If the practice of using data to enhance business performance can be summed up as “same questions, better answers”, the ability to incorporate insight from data into business processes is all about “smarter, more connected ways of working”.

Over the next 50 business days, we’ll be sharing 50 pearls of wisdom in the form of customer sound bites, videos, reports, infographics and more that will inspire you to apply analytics to your own challenges and opportunities.

Commence your countdown to better connected business

50 Tips

Tip 50:

The biggest challenges we have on the planet are being addressed by SAP technology to make the world run better and improve lives. Are yours?

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Tip 49:

Get information to users quicker with augmented reality via smart glasses.

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Tip 48:

Companies should take lessons from the world of sailing and use Analytics to differentiate their own customer (fan!) experiences.

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Tip 47:

Organisations shouldn't be the only ones thinking about Big Data - we are all impacted by it in our daily lives.

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Tip 46:

Park the technology discussion and focus on making Analytics work for your business by considering a Design Thinking approach.

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Tip 45:

Looking for better data accessibility and more effective decisions? You are going to need fast, visual answers.

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Tip 44:

A single BI platform including self-service and mobile analytics can enhance current and future business performance.

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Tip 43:

In today's business, you need to interrogate faster, dive deeper, and gain real-time access to data like never before.

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Tip 42:

It is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance - it helps with productivity and motivation.

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Tip 41:

Best-in-class companies are already starting to adopt visual discovery over traditional business intelligence.

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Tip 40:

Look at smart invoice networks to process invoices more efficiently and manage cash better.

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Tip 39:

Go paperless, streamline processes and connect to suppliers electronically to improve your cash flow.

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Tip 38:

Give your employees access to cloud, mobile, and social tools to improve collaboration across your business.

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Tip 37:

Move from paper communications to electronic communications to save money and reduce manual processes.

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Tip 36:

Embrace an open business network to increase productivity and profits.

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Tip 35:

Reduce the risk of fraud with advanced analytic capabilities and greater visibility.

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Tip 34:

Reduce fraud and increase efficiency by making use of automated access controls.

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Tip 33:

Risks come from all directions - organisations need to tie their risk program to the strategic imperative and operational considerations.

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Tip 32:

Advanced analytics help ensure that you are always one step ahead of fraudsters (even the smart ones!)

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Tip 31:

Prepare for a riskier world by defining a transparent risk culture supported by the board.

Infographic: 6 tips for the price of 1

Tip 30:

There are tools and techniques which CFOs can use to transition from stewards of the business to strategists.

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Tip 29:

With finance under greater pressure than ever to work more efficiently, have you considered expanding your shared services organisation?

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Tip 28:

Don't be scared by technology. Embrace it! you never know, you might enjoy the journey.

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Tip 27:

CFO’s priorities must change. Beyond closing the books, your Office of Finance must become a steward of the business, generate new revenue from customers and much more.

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Tip 26:

When the going gets tough, financial leaders need to become an Analytical Partner to the business.

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Tip 25:

Mobile BI needs a secure, joined-up strategy behind it in order to prevent individuals or departments doing their own thing.

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Tip 24:

The mobile device is the perfect way in which you can spread analytics across a broader user base.

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Tip 23:

Operate with speed and simplicity in everything you do by taking advantage of mobile analytic apps.

Vodafone makes real-time decisions a reality

Tip 22:

Never miss a business opportunity again! Whether you’re waiting for a flight or taking your daily commute, you can have your finger on the business pulse 24/7 with mobile analytics.

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Tip 21:

Embracing mobile apps will have a profound impact on your organisation – helping you streamline operations and serve your customers better.

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Tip 20:

Navigate your buyers' journey by taking advantage of customer analytics best practice.

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Tip 19:

You don’t have to rely on IT for reports. Put predictive analytics into the hands of business users.

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Tip 18:

Businesses today need to be able to Predict and Act before they fall behind their competitors.

From Big Data to Decisions

Tip 17:

You no longer need a crystal ball to look into the future. Harness historical analysis with forward looking analytics to forecast the future and take action.

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Tip 16:

Best practice companies look forward not back. 68% of companies using predictive analytics have realised competitive advantage.

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Tip 15:

When events beyond your control occur, the organisations that receive early notification have an advantage over those that do not.

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Tip 14:

Don't always listen to our competitors - it's time to dispel some of the SAP HANA myths!

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Tip 13:

With real real-time computing, companies can make smarter, faster decisions every minute of the day.

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Tip 12:

Tomorrow is too late. Instantly access and analyse the vast amounts of data generated every minute.

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Tip 11:

Put yourself in pole position by using real-time information to keep ahead of the competition.

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Tip 10:

Analytics isn't just confined to business - we use it in our every day lives too. Have some fun with our PGA Golf Analysis App.

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Tip 9:

One size does not fit all. It is important that you use the right Analytics tools for the right job. Thinking about end user needs is key.

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Tip 8:

Embrace the social revolution! Use real-time technologies to unlock deep insights and enable better-informed decisions and richer collaboration in real-time.

Rethink Analytics for the Social Enterprise

Tip 7:

Even the best technical intelligence isn't Smart without a solid strategy to go with it. BI strategy needs to become part of your culture to drive performance.

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Tip 6:

The key to business agility is fact-based decision making and insights delivered at the speed of today’s business.

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Tip 5:

There is technology to help you better monitor, analyze, and report on data quality.

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Tip 4:

To be successful, spending on information governance needs to increase 5 fold by 2016.

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Tip 3:

Analytics isn't just about displaying information in a visually appealing way - you need to make sure results are based on accurate information.

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Tip 2:

Don’t leave your data to look after itself. In the best-run organisations, data governance is a central plank in all decisions and operations involving data.

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Tip 1:

By 2016, 20% of CIOs will lose their jobs for failing to implement the discipline of information governance successfully. Don’t be one of them - take ownership now.

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